Why Emer McCourt?

Hello! My name is Emer McCourt.

A little about me: since diving headlong into digital when I landed the job of blogger for the UK Design Council back in 2007, I’ve immersed myself in discovering how digital content is produced and distributed. Back in 2007, I was deffo the only mum I knew who was doing SEO workshops before SEO was even a word!

Back in 2009, my teeny tiny digital content production consultancy was selected as one of Ogilvy UK’s ‘Preferred Independent Digital Suppliers’. Happy days!

This soon brought me smack into content marketing for businesses.

On the way to knowing what I do now about content marketing and SEO. I’ve learned heaps about project managing website builds, site architecture, blogging, social media marketing, building technology platforms, ebooks, launching apps – and more,  before offering my services both as a consultant and in-house content strategist to national and global companies in the UK and USA.

Companies I’ve provided content strategy consultancy and content for include Search Office Space, meetingrooms.com, Unislim Ireland, Central YMCA, YMCA Club, YMCAFit, myneurogym.com and neurogymbusiness.com, and for AEG and Electrolux as part of a leading London digital agency.

I am passionate about keeping up in this fast-changing world; so, I’m currently doing a Masters in digital marketing in my spare time, specialising in Content Strategy and SEO. I’ve also successfully completed a Postgraduate Diploma in digital marketing at the Digital Marketing Institute.

I’m also a member of Neil Patel’s Advanced Marketing Programme, Stephen Spencer’s SEO Maximiser programme, and a lifetime member of AuthorityHackerPro.

I am passionate about helping small businesses to thrive in the digital space by saving time and money applying the best techniques that produce measurable results.

Drop me a line, or give me a call, so we can have a chat about your needs, or just hop on the email list and I can keep you up-to-date with actionable insights that will benefit your business.

I can’t wait to serve you and your business with excellence!


Female doctor - Emer McCourt




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