We offer highly flexible solutions that work for you. Hourly rates? Yes! Actionable strategic reports? Done! We deliver bespoke SEO and content marketing solutions with the expertise of a large digital agency - at a fraction of the cost.

* Technical SEO Audits * Content Audits * Content Strategies * Keyword Research Reports * Competitor Analyses * Backlink Strategies To Drive Traffic * Reaching Influencers In Your Industry * A Highly Flexible Service That Works For Your Business *

How to Blog Strategically –  Training Day or Service       

We offer a blogging and a guest posting service.

Our guest posting service guarantees quality posts, plus a strategic backlinking formula, including bespoke templates, for you to drive quality traffic to your site, to increase ranking and improve your website’s Domain Authority. Contact Emer directly for more information about this effective and highly powerful strategy.

Your company blog is a marketing machine that when strategically managed, can successfully drive your products and services to rank on page 1 of Google. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your business fingertips – but many businesses aren’t utilising their blog to its full potential.

This unique training day is guaranteed to ensure your team is tooled up and secure knowing exactly how to make your company blog perform to drive leads, conversions and sales.

During the training day, you will understand how to power your blog to drive customers to your site; you will learn how to reach your ideal customer and what questions they want answered that will bring them directly to your products and services; you will know what search terms and keywords your competitors are ranking for and how to ‘steal’ their traffic; we will identify your next 5 blog post topics and show you how to optimise them for search; we will provide you with a comprehensive researched keyword list for each blog post; you will understand how to promote each post to drive over 1000 new visitors to your site – per post. You will understand how Google works so posts will rank above your competitors, and you will understand the steps required to rank on Page 1 of Google.

After the day,  you will be set to take the ‘Plus 1000 website Visitor Challenge’ – starting immediately!

Our Training Day is available for teams or individuals.

Speedy Blog Report or Speedy Competitor Report or Engaging Influencers Report

Emerge Content Reporting

Whether you have a company blog or are considering starting one, this report will provide you with insanely valuable insights that will set you up to succeed going forward.

If you are starting out, this blog performance report will deliver insights about what will work to position you to beat your competitors ranking position for your products and services and show you what 5 posts will drive traffic to your site.

Speedy Blog Report: delivered to your inbox inside 72 hours.

* Which specific blog posts and keywords are driving traffic to your or your competitors’ site? * What keywords should you be using in your next blog posts to rank on Google, to bring your customers to your pages and steal your competitors’ traffic? * What keywords are your competitors ranking for? * What killer headlines and blog topics will guarantee you will beat your competitor rankings? * How do you optimise your blog posts to capture customers and bring them into your sales funnel? * What are your next 5 blog posts, outstanding headlines and content that will get your ranking on page 1 of Google?


Fresh competitor insights delivered to your inbox inside 72 hours.

*Get X-ray insights into your top 3 competitors. * Want to know exactly what keywords your competitors are ranking for in organic search? In paid search? * What PPC campaigns are your competitors running, and which ones work best for them? * Would you like a swipe file of their last 3 months of PPC campaigns and landing pages? What social media channels are working best to get shares and engagement for your top 3 competitors? What blog posts are driving the most traffic to their site?


Step-by-step report on finding and engaging influencers in your field (along with email templates).

Delivered to your inbox in 72 hours

* Want to know exactly who are the top 50 influencers are in your field?  * Want a step-by-step strategy for engaging them that works? * Want tried and tested email templates that will speak their language? * Want to know how to get top influencers to share your content without asking?

We’re updating the services section at the moment. In the meantime if you’d like to get in touch about any SEO or content services, just call Emer on + 44 (0) 78754 96458.  Thanks a million.

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