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  • "Emer’s content marketing strategy has produced amazing results for us over the years, so she was top of my list for our new blogging strategy... her brilliant report has opened my eyes to the power of strategic blogging to grow our online business. I can't recommend Emer or her services highly enough." — Fiona Gratzer - Unislim Ireland
  • "Emer combines huge creative energy with a pragmatic delivery focus... Emer knows that businesses are about people, and shows great skill in understanding and getting the best from teams. I'd definitely recommend working with Emer - it's fun!" — Tim Closs, Consulting/Interim CTO, Bebopaloo Ltd
  • "Emer's strategic approach to content resulted in some real wins for us including winning 'Star Letter of the Week' in Property Week and appearing top of Google News. We were very happy." — Richard Smith, Founder/President of & Founder/CEO of SearchOfficeSpace
  • "I have worked with Emer on several projects over the last 2 years, two of them substantial projects. Emer and her company EmergeContent have been very successful in driving traffic to the websites we build for clients using all of her very successful methods. Emer is absolutely fantasic, very human focused and great to talk to and get advice from." — Glen Wheeler - InBold Digital Ltd

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